Whats New?!

As everyone knows by know, we are currently in a global pandemic with Covid-19 meaning that a lot of the world is essentially on lockdown. This has been a very trying time for many of sand honestly I never could have imagined something like this could happen in my lifetime. We are entering week six of self isolation in my home, and let me tell you - I miss my people! Im going to give so many hugs when this thing dies down! I hope that everyone is staying home and staying safe and I hope that we can go back to our normal lives sooner than later. The EP is currently being mixed and mastered and I expect to have a single ready by May 1st! Be on the look out for "Getting By" and join me on Facebook for live streamed show on Tuesday 4/21 at 8:00pm central standard time!

Lots of love to you xx

Every year 405 Magazine holds an annual tribute to the region's finest! There are four categories including tons of businesses and individuals who work to make a mark on the community. I have been very blessed to be nominated along side 4 other talented ladies in the "Female singer-songwriter" category!


Voting ended in February and the results are being released sometime at the end of April! Thank you so so much to everyone that too the time to vote for me! I'll update when I get the news!


My debut EP "Getting by" is set to be released early April followed by a tour to the west coast! Please check back for more info as we get closer to the release date! 

Unfortunately we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic meaning most restaurants, bars, and venues here in the United States are closed. I was currently supposed to be on tour out west, but those plans were cancelled when the states started closing down. 

All of my shows are cancelled for the future, but I hope to get back to playing live for you very soon! Until then, I do have videos here on the site and I'll be doing live shows on facebook. If you want to be alerted when I go live, head over to facebook and give my music page a like. The facebook button above will take you straight there!

Thank you to all of my family, friends, and fans for the support over the years. It's hard not being able to do what I love, but pandemic or not, I won't stop playing music.

You guys are the best. Stay happy and healthy during this crazy time.


© 2020 - Jade Madden