Want to take vocal lessons with me?

I would love to try and help you achieve your singing goals! 


I teach 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons and will do my best to personalize our lessons to your wants and needs vocally. My home studio is located in Moore, Oklahoma and I am available evenings Monday through Thursday.

I love to work with any and everybody, but unfortunately do not teach classical or operatic styles.

During our lessons we will work on:

*Posture and breathing technique
*Breathing & Vocal warm-ups

*Music Theory knowledge
 *Specific song work

*Sight singing/reading

*Stage presence
and more!


30 minute lessons 

$30/each or $100/Month

45 minute lessons

$40/each or $140/month

60 minute lessons

$50/each or $185/month

Unfortunately we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic meaning most restaurants, bars, and venues here in the United States are closed. I was currently supposed to be on tour out west, but those plans were cancelled when the states started closing down. 

All of my shows are cancelled for the future, but I hope to get back to playing live for you very soon! Until then, I do have videos here on the site and I'll be doing live shows on facebook. If you want to be alerted when I go live, head over to facebook and give my music page a like. The facebook button above will take you straight there!

Thank you to all of my family, friends, and fans for the support over the years. It's hard not being able to do what I love, but pandemic or not, I won't stop playing music.

You guys are the best. Stay happy and healthy during this crazy time.


© 2020 - Jade Madden